We are continuing to focus on serving all of our customers as quickly as possible!

We are so grateful and appreciative for every customer and every single order placed no matter how big or how small!


LADIES!!!  Don't forget to keep those foot bars on hand for those strappy sandals we are all sporting around town.  Nothing takes away from your beautiful sandals and sundress more than having dry heels!!!   Don't be THAT GIRL!!!


Also, order your leg bars (Shimmer bars) and keep the sexy going all the way up the legs!!!


Have an amazing Summer and we love you all!



We've added several new fragrances....... I mean a lot of new fragrances and there isn't one that wasn't well received!  Of course the Lavish Staff smelled them and we also had several of our close friends and clients come by for a "sniffing" party to give them a test sniff and see how they were!  Let me tell you they are amazing!!!


New and of course very popular.....  50 SHADES!!! You asked for it and we for it!  And it's a hot one!  

Overwhelmingly popular, and of course we all love it, this one has been said to be a unisex fragrance!!  The men are wearing it and reports are "smells like a hot, sexy, man".......and the ladies are rocking this scent out in the world and getting stopped and asked what they are wearing!!!!!!....And it's their soap and lotion that people are smelling!  So I'm more than excited to get this one on the shelf for all of us!



And don't forget we still have our Puppy Bars and they've been a tail wagging success!!  And not just because I say so, because you've said so.  The reviews have been great and not just that, I take into consideration all your reviews and take them to heart, but I also watch the inventories and what you come back for more of.  You are coming back for more of my puppy bars.  You love them.  You've bought them, and the number of repeat customers is quite remarkable.  They are being made over and over not just for you but for my household also!!!!  

I have two dogs with skin issues and this bar combined with our Puppy Stick has been amazing for my pups with skin issues!!  There are a few of you out there with the same issue with your pups and you're reporting amazing results!  And we're doing this NATURALLY without CORTISONE!  AWESOME!!! 





We've also added a great new LOTION that you're loving it!!! I've already had repeat customers coming back for more of it and I just released it 2 weeks ago.  I have to say I thought it felt pretty amazing, but you are always the judge!!!  

Well, You've bored with your orders so "GET SOME NOW!!!" This lotion comes in Shea Butter, Goats Milk, and Gentle Baby Lotion Formula and can be customized with your favorite fragrance to match your soap and your perfume.  Many of my fragrances are matches to perfumes you may already own!  A few examples are Bombshell and Pink Splash by VS, Amazing Grace by Philosophy, Baby Grace by Philosophy, Be Enchanted, Daisy by Marc Jacobs!  Don't miss your opportunity to layer you fragrance for all day staying power.....not to mention just darn right smelling amazing!!!


Next, the Shimmer Bars!  Oh the Shimmer Bars!  Those lovely lovely Summer legs!!!  Uh Huh!!  Lets all have them this Summer!  I want us all to be Lovely and Lavish!!  You can read on the product page about what these bars will do for your legs but you just can't imagine until you use one.  They are nothing short of amazing!  They make you feel like a movie star!  And don't we all have a little movie star / Princess in all of us??